Top cheap things to do in Japan
#3 - Mos Burger

Cost: ≈600¥ (meal set)

Mos Burger is Japan's most popular fast food chain store, beating McDonald's (a great feat). Why am I so obsessed? The ingredients are fresh and the vegetables are locally sourced. They bring out your food to you. It comes out hot (insert Min's theory), and DAYUM it's so tasty. At one point, I was begging the burger in my hand to never end. They range from 160¥-500¥ and you can upgrade to a meal for around 350¥ (do it). Please do try the rice burger too, the bun is made of rice and it is very delicious. Mos, it's just so good -wipes tear-

 photo mos_zps2af66157.jpg

 photo mos2_zpsf4787402.gif

Take a look at their menu.

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