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Gmarket - n/a
Random people on the street and in shops often ask me where I bought these. Soz babes, but these baddies are from Gmarket which can be quite confusing for non-Korean users. Surprisingly, these boots are really comfortable. I tend to reach for them when I want a lot of height (like, a lot) or to counteract the femininity of an outfit. ≈$50

Vagabond - Grace
This was one of those impulsive-YOLO purchases. I bought these chelseas thinking they weren't my dream shoes (I'm known for my platforms) but heck, from day one they have been extremely comfortable and flattering. They are my favourite everyday shoes now (bonus: I can drive with them) and Asos is having a 20% sale until Monday ; ).

Vagabond - Libby 113
Construction worker meets country girl. The platform at the front makes it pretty comfortable but unfortunately it's a bit big for me and I need to double-sock zz. Solestruck says size up, I say size down. It's nice to have a pair of brown boots for a change, but I don't
wear it too often : (. ≈$150

Topshop Canvas Lace-ups
I have mixed feelings on the canvas. On one hand, it adds a cool, casual vibe to an outfit. On the other hand, it's not exactly wet weather friendly and paired with black jeans or leggings, it kind of gives the illusion of a onesie. Also, I find doing laces up really bothersome. They do look really good though. ≈$75

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Libby vs Grace
Grace has a more fitted, polished look whereas Libby has a more chunkier, heavier look with a higher heel and platform.

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